Rosemary & Robert – earth kind, thoughtful and delicious moments for everyone

We founded Rosemary & Robert to help us spread kindness and happiness. We go out of our way to source the most ethical and high quality ingredients available to us as small producers: prioritising ingredients that have been produced organically, with fair treatment of workers and opting for minimally refined, raw ingredients where possible to ensure you get the most goodness out of every bite.

Because we’re vegan and super aware of human impact on the Earth, we’ve chosen less beautiful but more earth friendly packaging. We’re generally opposed to waste, as well as single use plastics, so we’ve kept packaging to an absolute minimum. We’ve also taken our time to source compostable bags which we heat seal by hand and we source recycled/recyclable postage materials.

You can also be sure that the green-ness goes right down to our roots as we’ve done our research and sourced vegan, earth friendly products to keep our kitchen nice and clean.

You’ll never find us in a supermarket; we love creating our products with thought, love and intention so going mass scale isn’t for us. Slow living and personal connection is what we’re here for and we want to help you embrace that too. It’s no coincidence that Rosemary & Robert shortened is R&R; this is something we’d like to encourage you to give yourself a bit of each time you enjoy our creations. It’s important to us that more people should be able to have little moments of peace and connection. Simplicity and minimalism is a big focus in our personal lives as well as our life’s work.