Allergy aware cacao treats

We create allergy aware cacao treats

With our creations you can share the Cacao love freely as we’ve considered…

  • Coeliacs (and gluten intolerance sufferers)
  • Vegans
  • Dairy intolerance sufferers
  • Sugar sensitive folk

We make from experience

As it happens, our Chief Maker is a sulphite sensitive, coeliac vegan and our Chief Taste Tester is a peanut allergic, dairy intolerant vegan – so you can be sure we know a thing or two about allergies and put a lot of consideration into making delicious treats for everyone to enjoy.

Our creations never feature:

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Nuts (tree or peanuts)
  • Sulphites
  • Eggs
  • Animal products or derivatives
  • Soya

We hate blanket disclaimers

Honestly, if you have an allergy and you get frustrated by the disclaimers slapped on seemingly every product, we know where you’re coming from. That’s why we want to be as transparent as possible about our sourcing and processes so you can make an informed decision.

We take great care with sourcing ingredients and test them on ourselves first, but some suppliers are unable to provide concrete assurances that no allergens have been handled on the same packing lines. We do endeavour to source from suppliers who do not handle the top allergens but sometimes this isn’t possible due to availability. As we are producing in our home kitchen, you should be aware that we do handle ingredients such as celery, sesame and mustard but never at the same time as creating our cacao goodies and we are meticulous about avoiding cross contamination.

An update from us on nuts:

R&R started when Lea wanted to create a nut free, vegan friendly white chocolate to replace Tom’s childhood favourite. Tom grew up being told that he had an allergy to all nuts after 2 anaphalactic reactions as a child. However, they never tested him to establish exactly which nuts this included.

As an adult he tried to get tested and was told by one GP that this testing didn’t exist. He wants you to know, if you’re in a similar position, that this isn’t the case and if, like him, you’re dubious about which nuts you’re allergic to and would like to open up a world of additional things to eat you should bend the ear of a different GP.

Last year Tom was referred to the specialist team at Guys St Thomas’ and not only was he tested for which nuts he was allergic to, he also began a fully controlled reintroduction of some nuts (Brazil nuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Pecan nuts). That means these nuts are now present in our household, with Hazelnut now being our plant milk of choice so that’s now present in our kitchen. He was also admitted onto a peanut immunotherapy medical trial which means he’s having to eat an amount of peanut protein on a daily basis, with the amount being stepped up at regular intervals.

It’s incredible for us and for his safety when we’re out and about but has led to us needing to rethink the messaging we share about allergies: it’s super important to us that any allergy sufferers have as clear a view on possible allergens and control measures rather than sticking bog standard disclaimers on everything.

We’re a transparent company, if you have any questions about our processes or the safety of our creations for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we want you to enjoy your R&R moments in complete confidence.