About Us

Chief Maker, Lea

I’m a sulphite and sugar sensitive, coeliac (7 years) vegan (2 years). I love getting creative in the kitchen and when I had some time off work due to an injury a couple of years back, I made it my challenge to try to recreate one of Tom’s favourite childhood treats – without dairy or nasties. Rosemary & Robert was pretty much born that day as I continued to perfect my creation (in case you’re wondering, the first iteration was VERY different to what we’re offering you today, and it wasn’t great!) When I’m not in the kitchen listening to ambient music soundtracks and creating with cacao, I’m likely to be at my desk social media managing for freelance clients or chatting to my coaching clients. Or I might be out in nature walking Georgie, that’s one of my favourite things to do.

Chief Taste Tester Tom in his usual uniform of cycling gear

Chief Taste Tester, Tom

I’m a peanut allergic, dairy intolerant vegan (2 years). I’m not big on getting creative in the kitchen myself but I am always very happy to get involved with product development – at the tasting stage! I’ve been testing every batch of our cacao creations for the best part of 2 years now and I’m still hooked. When I’m not pestering Lea for samples to “quality check”, I’m usually out working the 9-5 or on my bike. I like cycling. A lot. I’m a trained cycle coach too and coming in from training to find a broken cacao bar or two is one of my favourite things (it counts if I dropped it myself, right?)

R&R Chief Happiness Officer, Georgie the Cockerpoo

Chief Happiness Officer, Georgie

can’t eat any chocolate myself as the humans tell me it’s toxic for dogs but I do like watching Lea make it. My job here at R&R HQ is largely to  remind the humans to sit down and take a break and do some “quality testing”. I also like to sing to them while they work. And crawl onto their laps when they are trying to do desk work.

Chief Admin Officer, Pig

I’m Pig and I joined the team in October. The others say that my job title is “Chief Admin Officer” which I’m told has something to do with my love of paper (and tearing it up) plus sleeping on the keyboard whilst the humans attempt to work on admin.